About Renato Watches

RENATO Watches, a leading brand for over seven years, was sold to SLB LLC., a New York City company, in 2012. Daniel Mink, co-founder & designer of Renato Watches, remains at the helm of the company, driving it into the next new era and overseeing the evolution of the Renato brand.

Renowned for its distinct, bold designs and for offering the best quality for value, Renato Watches proudly presents its new Swiss made division: Renato Master Horologe. These Swiss made timepieces offer unique complications and complex functions at affordable pricing. Each variation in the collection is produced as a numbered, limited edition of 99 pieces.

After more than seven years of business success, with a devoted following of watch collectors and enthusiasts, Renato caters to its loyal clientele with this new range of quality products, which are now Swiss made and offered at below competitive prices.

"The new Master Horologe collections are the natural evolution of the brand," stated Daniel Mink, co- founder & designer of Renato Watches. "The success of Renato has always been the direct link to our clients, and being able to connect with them. After years of developing timepieces, we have reached the ultimate goal: to achieve the development of complications and Swiss made timepieces that are reasonably priced. Now we can offer our collectors fine Swiss made products, and expand our offering to cater to the watch aficionado and connoisseur customer."

The Master Horologe Collections will be available on www.renatowatches.com and at luxury retailers nationwide.

About Renato Master Horologe

SLB LLC. based in New York City, took leadership of Renato Watches in 2012. After over seven years, the leader in affordable quality timepieces introduces Renato Master Horologe. The first Swiss made collection by Renato offers timepiece complications at affordable prices.

Co-Founder & Designer of Renato Watches, Daniel Mink has chosen to blaze a new trail by creating master pieces of time, catering to a smaller audience of watch aficionados to answer the call of the ‘true collectors’ who want something different.

Hand selected materials that are crafted from only high grade components such as 316L stainless steel, sapphire crystal, A-grade mother of pearl to complement Swiss made movement complications with registered designs.

The bold and stylish designs of Renato watches, symbolizes true self-expression of its proprietor.